For the sake of SEO

I don’t blog, not much, but I am a firm believer. The word was coined back in the second half of the 90’s, a contraction for web log. At first blogging was used as a way to speak one’s mind and share ideas.

But today, the internet is witnessing a dramatic change on how blogging is being used. More and more business owners use blogging to increase income and generate business growth.

Keep your customers up-to-date about the latest events of your company, discounts you are offering, and even promotions you plan to give.

Through your blog, you don’t just target potential customers, but very important, search engines, which in turn will help you to drive potential clients to actual sales.
Search engines want to display the most relevant and up-to-date information that’s available in their search results. Blogs offer an excellent source of current information to search engines. They prove that your business is active, and you knows enough about your industry that you are willing to share information with others.

Additionally, blogs are content rich and are able to deliver all your keywords to search engines. It can be difficult to optimize your site for dozen of keywords, but having a few well written blog posts about each of your SEO keywords allows you to target keywords and improve your SEO performance while delivering current information. It’s a win-win situation for you, search engines, and your audience.

Beside clients, customers and search engine; blogs also serve as an excellent platform to communicate wit your staff, to inform them of the company’s latest business development.
As for potential employees, blogging will express to other people about your company’s culture, mission, principles, policies, and overall benefits that you can offer.

Blogging is very cheap and even free if you write it yourself. It is easy to maintain and takes only a small number of people to perform. The results are exponentially advantageous compared to how much it’ll cost you.

Social media and blogging goes hand in hand; Promote your business in social networking sites where a big number of internet users flock together.

It all ads up…

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