Cape Town the top domain

Cape Town the top domain

According to the latest statistics, the new .capetown domain name is still outselling that of .joburg and .durban.

South Africans have been able to use these new city-based “generic top-level domains” – referred to as gTLD’s – since the start of the month.

A domain is what comes after the dot in an internet address, such as .com or

While most users are familiar with these common domains, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has been adding hundreds of new domains to increase choice.

According to the website namestat. org, which tracks new domains, 2 773 .capetown, 2 061 .joburg and 1 385 .durban domains have been registered as of yesterday afternoon.

This makes .capetown the highest-selling gTLD in the country, ahead of the other two cities and the domains .club, .institute and .today.

The website, says South Africa has also registered seven .bar, five .limo, four .wtf and a sole .rodeo domain.